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step 1

Get help, early

It’s something too many of us do – we get super excited about a new beginning in a new home, and fail to prepare ourselves for the enormity of shifting our entire lives.

Look, it’s understandable, but the one sure-fire way to raise your stress levels come moving-day-eve is to have a houseful of stuff and none of it squared away ready to go.

  1. Enlist friends & family

    If you’re lucky enough to have mates or family close by whose kindness you can impose upon, fill them in early on how much you need to move, when you need it shifted, and how you plan to do it. This way, you can work together to slowly de-construct your setup, and get ready for the big day.

    In the weekends leading up to your move, start putting away non-essential bits and pieces, leaving you only a few more boxes to pack last minute. Having all the small stuff ready to go will save you immeasurable worry, and you’ll just be able to load everything on the truck along with your larger furniture and appliances on the day.

    (PS – don’t forget to sort out the moving truck if you’re going DIY!)

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  2. Go Pro

    If the task seems too much to even think about, call in some professional help. What might seem impossible to you is the everyday bread and butter of moving companies. Whether you’re moving down the road or down the world, it’s what they do.

    As soon as you have a date in mind, head online to read some reviews of local companies, and get some quotes. Make sure the one you choose is reputable, and look for any guarantees prospective companies can offer. Of course, having your Home Contents cover in place doesn’t hurt, either.

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step 2

Stay motivated

Often, the moving process can seem a little overwhelming, especially when you’re in the thick of breaking down your current living arrangement. It helps during this time to remember the reason for your move:

  1. New Start

    Perhaps you’re moving out for the first time, or are off to Uni. Think about the world of opportunities that is about to open up for you.

  2. New Home

    If you’re changing address so you can move up the property ladder, think of how sweet it will feel when you’re kicking back in your new digs.

  3. New Location

    Maybe you’re moving to a new city for work, or a fresh outlook. Before you know it, you’ll be setting down roots in a whole new environment. How exciting!

step 3

Explore your new neighbourhood

This one applies whether you’re choosing to move house yourself or opting for the services of a moving company. Knowing your way around your new neighbourhood from day one will help in a number of ways.

If you’re moving yourself, knowing the immediate surroundings of your new place will make the day run smoother. Is there ample space for parking a van? Does your place have garage or rear-lane access? Is it on a busy road, and are there shops nearby for when you need a break for a bite to eat?

If you’re having your belongings moved, it still helps to know your bearings. Where will you get your groceries that first week? Are there cafes or restaurants nearby? Do you have access to parking or public transport?

Be in the know before you go, and you’ll thank yourself later.

step 4

Bunker down

In the weeks leading up to a move, it’s generally a good rule to try and keep your activities on an even keel. We know life sometimes gets in the way, but being able to rely on a routine will help you and your family avoid unnecessary distractions.

Staying on the straight and narrow will also help with your packing planning – being able to put away and account for as many items that are non-essential for daily life as possible will make the final preparations all that much easier.

step 5

Prepare for change

It might seem like an afterthought for most of us, being as the move will usually keep us pretty busy, but being aware of the change that’s about to occur in your life can help the move stick.

Perhaps you’re moving away from mum and dad’s place for the first time, or you’re moving on from the house you raised a family in. Whatever your scenario, you’ll likely be hit with a lot of memories, both good and bad, as you pull up your roots and go to move on.

Don’t deny these feelings – embrace them, and look ahead to the future, and focus on the positives that the move will bring into your life!