Workplace Giving

In the past two years, our staff have donated over $20,000 to charities of their choice through our Workplace Giving program.

Community Leave

We support our staff getting involved with the charities we support. We take over 1600 hours of community leave annually!

Staff Volunteering

We love getting our hands dirty! Our staff volunteers have helped the community organisations we support.

What's on in your community?

Maitland Federation Centre, Maitland

Clubs NSW Academy Games 2018

Greater Bank has been a long-time supporter of grassroots netball in the communities we call home, and one of the most exciting days on the sporting calendar for us are the Clubs NSW Academy Games. The Games include all sports, with participants from Sporting Academies from across the state, but most importantly, The Games sees the Greater Bank Netball squads from the Hunter Academy of Sport and the Central Coast Academy of Sport face off against each other, and some pretty stiff statewide competition. Join us at Maitland to see tomorrow's Netball stars give their all in the name of fair play and in the spirit of sportsmanship.

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