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Business Banking & Financial Services

Business Accounts

Business Accounts

At Greater Bank, we live and work in the communities in which we operate. We know how seriously our customers take their businesses and how busy they are. So the last thing they need from us is headaches when it comes to money.

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Business Access

We know that if there’s one thing business owners appreciate, it’s simplicity. It can be a rare commodity in a busy world. Our award-winning Business Account offers you just that.

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Business Optimiser

Our Business Optimiser Account gives you the best of both worlds. It’s flexible enough to handle your day-to-day banking needs, but smart enough to offer a higher interest rate on your savings so your money continues to grow.

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Credit Card

Business Visa Credit Card

Business owners will be familiar with the problem of cash flow. Peaks and troughs in your ability to access money for essentials can seriously hamper the running of your business.

A Greater Bank Business Visa Credit Card takes care of this problem, giving you back your reliable purchasing power.


Merchant Facilities

The world has moved on from cash and cheques as the only means of payment, and customers are increasingly demanding flexible payment options.

If it is to thrive, or even survive, your business needs to be able to accept payment via whatever method the customer chooses.

Business Loans

Business Loans

Whatever your business goals, at Greater Bank, we know we can help you achieve them.

One of the many ways we can do this is through providing Business Loans and Finance that offer competitive rates, low fees and the support of our Business Banking specialists.


Business Investment Accounts

Not many business owners are faced with the problem of excess cash, and if they are, you usually won’t hear them complaining about it. In this situation, the smart option is to put your money to work.

A Business Investment Account from Greater Bank such as our Business Optimiser Account or Term Deposit Account lets you earn the maximum return on your excess cash. When your money works as hard as you do, the only way is up.

Why bank with us?

  • Over $7 billion in assets under management, and over 260,000 customers.
  • Greater Access anywhere, anytime. Online, in branch, or using our ATM network.
  • Customer Owned, with no shareholders. Profits are reinvested to benefit you.
  • We're giving back by investing heavily in the places we call home.