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Osko & Pay ID

The way we pay and get paid has changed forever. Available now to Greater Bank customers, secure and easy real-time money transfers 24/7 without needing to remember a BSB and account number.

Why has the NPP been created?

With consumers fast embracing digital technology, the Australian banking industry has developed the NPP to help consumers, businesses and government make faster, simpler and smarter payments.   

What are the features of the NPP?

The NPP has four key features:

  • You can now make real-time payments to all participating banks
  • You can make payments to mobile numbers, email addresses and ABNs - pay your friends instantly when splitting bills without remembering a BSB and account number
  • You're able to send payment descriptions of up to 280 characters, including emojis ☺️
  • You can create your own unique ID (PayID) and link your mobile, email or ABN to your Greater Bank account
What is Osko by BPAY?

Osko is the latest payments innovation from the BPAY Group, transforming the way we pay each other. Osko Payments are sent using the New Payments Platform.

What does Osko stand for?

BPAYⓇ created Osko to make payments simple for everyone. The name Osko was developed to reflect how simple and easy it is to make payments.

What is a PayID?

A PayID is a unique identifier, such as a mobile number, that can be linked to a bank account. This makes it simple to send and receive money without needing to share a BSB and account number.

A PayID can be a:

  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)

Payments made to a PayID will be deposited into the linked account.

How do I create a PayID?

You now have 24/7 access to create PayIDs online via Online Banking and the Greater Bank Mobile App.

  • Simply go to PayID Management (under Services in Mobile Banking)
  • Read the information provided about PayID and select > Create PayID
  • Enter your PayID and select an account to link your PayID to. You can use your mobile number, email address or ABN/ACN as PayID details.
  • You’ll be asked to review your PayID setup for verification, and will be asked to enter a verification code that will be sent to your PayID mobile number or email address

That’s it – you’ve now created a PayID and can start getting paid in real-time without needing your BSB and account number.

Can I set up multiple PayIDs?

Yes, you can register more than one PayID. You can have more than one PayID linked to an account, however each PayID can only be linked to one account.

For example, you may have wish to link your everyday account with your mobile number, and your savings account with your email address.

Do I need to have a PayID to use OSKO?

No. You can still send Osko Payments to someone’s PayID or the traditional BSB and Account Number method.

Can I switch my PayID between banks?

Yes, you will be able to port (transfer) your PayID to other banks. You can do this under PayID Management (via Services in Mobile Banking) online. Business customers will need to call our Contact Centre to manage your PayID.

Once you opt to transfer your PayID from Greater Bank, you’ll have 14 days to complete the transfer by registering your PayID elsewhere. While your PayID is transferable, you can still receive payments to it and they’ll be deposited into your linked account. If you don’t register it with another financial institution within 14 days the PayID will go back to Active.

How can I make Osko payments?

You can make an Osko Payment through ‘Pay Anyone’ in our online banking.

You have the option to send an Osko Payment to someone’s:

  • BSB and Account Number or
  • PayID
How do I make an Osko payment using a PayID

Simple – here’s how to pay someone via an Osko payment, using their PayID.

  • Log into Greater Bank’s Online Banking or Mobile App
  • Click on ‘Pay Anyone’
  • Select a PayID from your existing list, or add your New Payee’s PayID details in the fields provided
  • Enter payment details, such as source account, amount, payment recurrence and add as an Osko payment. (Don’t forget, you can now also add a message of up to 280 characters, including emojis!)

That’s it – your payment is on its way. Told you it was simple…

How do I make an Osko payment using a BSB & Account Number

Too easy – here’s how to pay someone via an Osko payment, using their BSB and Account Number.

  • Log into Greater Bank’s Online Banking or Mobile App
  • Click on ‘Pay Anyone’
  • Select a payee from your existing list, or add your New Payee’s PayID details in the fields provided
  • Enter payment details, such as source account, amount, payment recurrence and add as an Osko payment. (Don’t forget, you can now also add a message of up to 280 characters, including emojis!)

That’s it – you’re done. Told you it was too easy…

How much does it cost to make Osko payments?

Nothing. Osko Payments can currently be made free of charge through our online banking.

Are there any dollar limits on Osko transactions per day or per person?

Yes. The daily limit for transactions made using Osko is $5,000.00

In some cases, you may be able to send payments above this daily limit by calling us on 1300 651 400 (during business hours) to confirm your identity and payment details.

An increase in a transaction limit may increase your liability in the case of unauthorised transactions.

How will I know if the person I want to pay has Osko?

Not all financial institutions will offer Osko Payments. When making a payment to a BSB and account number, we do our best to verify whether the payee’s bank accepts Osko and let you know before you make the payment. If the Osko Payment can’t be delivered we’ll notify you via SecureMail in online banking and send you an SMS.

When paying to a PayID, we verify whether the PayID is registered and display the payee’s PayID Name. You just need to check the name is correct for the person you’re paying to.

How secure is the Osko payment process?

Osko Payments are secure and will undergo extra transaction monitoring by our fraud detection system. To ensure your money is safe, we may hold Osko Payments for up to 24 hours if further authentication is required.

My Osko payment has failed – why?

There may be a number of reasons why an Osko Payment has failed. These could be:

  • The BSB or account number used may be incorrect
  • The payee’s account or financial institution may not accept Osko Payments
  • The PayID may be incorrect
  • There may be an issue with the system

After double checking the payee details, and verifying your payee is setup to receive Osko payments, if your Osko Payment still fails, our contact centre may be able to help on 1300 651 400.

I’m trying to make an Osko payment but the option isn’t available in Online Banking

This is likely due to the fact that the payee’s financial institution isn’t enabled or certified to receive Osko Payments. Verify this with your payee, and if the option to make an Osko Payment is continually diasbled in error, give our contact centre a call on 1300 651 400.

Alternatively, if your payee’s financial institution isn’t set up to receive Osko payments, you can still complete a payment using BSB and Account Number within Online Banking.

How do I ensure my contact details are correct?

By entering an email address or mobile number in Greater Bank’s online banking for use as a PayID, your customer contact details are not also updated. If you wish to change the contact mobile number or email address that we have on file, you’ll need to notify us via secure mail within Online Banking, give us a call on 1300 651 400 or visit your nearest branch.

Similarly, when you update your contact mobile number or email address with Greater Bank, your PayIDs are not automatically updated. You will need to close your old PayIDs and register new ones if you no longer have your mobile number or email address.

Can someone access my bank account via my mobile or email address?

No. PayIDs can only be used to receive payments via the NPP. They cannot be used to withdraw money from accounts and can only be used for Australian domestic NPP payments.

What happens if my payment doesn't go through immediately?

The NPP was setup to allow for all payments to be processed between financial institutions within 15 seconds in most cases, although there will be times when this does not occur. All transactions will be monitored to make sure that payments made by and to Greater Bank customers are providing the best customer experience possible.

I got a ‘One Time Password’ for an existing payee – why?

Using a Pay ID, if you’ve attempted to pay someone whose account details (BSB and Account Number) you’ve previously saved in Online Banking, you may receive a ‘One Time Password’. This measure is in place as the attempt to transfer funds to your payee using the new method of PayID constitutes a new payee within Online Banking. This is simply an added security measure, and is not cause for alarm.

How is an Osko payment different from BPAY? Does Osko replace BPAY or BPAY View?

Osko Payments are an additional service to BPAY and BPAY View. Osko provides a faster way to pay. It is essentially a person-to-person payment service.

BPAY Payments is a consumer-to-organisation bill payment service and BPAY View is a bill presentment service.