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Contactless Help

Like the idea of contactless cards but have some concerns? Not a problem.

See if we've answered your questions below:

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Why should I use contactless?
  • No more long waits at the checkout due to faster transaction time
  • Your card never leaves your hand, meaning you are in control of your money
  • You'll have less need to carry cash or look for the exact change when making smaller, everyday purchases
  • There's no need to sign or enter your PIN for purchases under $100
  • All purchases appear on your account statement, helping you more effectively track your spending
What do I need to be able to use contactless?

All you need is a Greater Bank card enabled with contactless technology. If your Greater Bank card features a contactless logo on the front, you're ready to go.

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How do I use a contactless card?
  • Ensure your card carries a contactless technology logo, and look for the contactless logo at the point of sale
  • Let your merchant know you would like to pay using your contactless card. The purchase amount will display on the point of sale terminal
  • When the first green light blinks, hold your card over the reader at close range (less than 4cm)
  • Four green lights will appear when the transaction is complete. This usually takes less than half a second. Collect your receipt if requested, and you're done!
Do I need to select an account?

No. Contactless technology removes the need to push any buttons on the merchant terminal.

The transaction is automatically processed to the transaction account or credit account linked to the card.

Can I get cash out using contactless?

You can't get cash out simply by holding your card against the terminal.

However, if you have your card linked to transactional accounts and the merchant permits cash-out, you can withdraw cash by pressing CHQ or SAV, swiping or inserting your card and entering your PIN like normal.

How close does my contactless card need to be to work?

Contactless cards need to be held within 4cm of the contactless terminal.

If you keep multiple contactless cards in your wallet, always remove the card you wish to use and present the card to the contactless terminal.

This will ensure the card read by the terminal and the amount charged will be the one you intended.

How do I know when my contactless purchase is complete?

The terminal will show four green lights and will let you know when the transaction is complete.

Will I get a receipt using contactless?

Contactless technology is designed to make smaller transactions quickly and easily, so if you would like a receipt on purchases made with a contactless card, ask your merchant before you pay.

For purchases over $100, receipts will be provided after swiping or inserting your card and signing or entering your PIN.

How will contactless purchases be displayed on my statement?

Keep track your spending on smaller purchases - transactions made using contactless cards appear on your statement in the same way as any other.

Is there a contactless purchase limit?

Contactless cards can be used at contactless terminals for any transaction under $100.

Purchases over $100 will require you to swipe or insert your card into the terminal and authenticate with a PIN.

Where can I use contactless?

Cards bearing a contactless logo are accepted at participating merchants where you see the contactless logo as well as the contactless symbol in Australia or around the world.

Can I still use the card if the merchant doesn't accept contactless?

Of course.

Your card still features the magnetic strip that allows it to be used just like any other card.

You will simply have to swipe or insert your card and provide a PIN.

Can there be accidental contactless transactions?

No. In order for a transaction to be processed a merchant must enter an amount for you to approve on a contactless terminal, and you must hold your card within 4cm of the terminal for at least half a second.

Can contactless payments be made twice accidentally?

No. All terminals are designed to accept one card per transaction. Terminals are also tested to ensure a card is read only once per transaction.

Each transaction must be complete (accepted or declined) before a new one can be entered into the contactless terminal.

What do I do if my contactless card is lost or stolen?

As with any Greater Bank card, if you have lost or stolen your card please contact us immediately:

  • Please Call 1300 651 400 Mon-Fri 8.00am to 5.30pm and Sat 8.00am to 1.00pm or call into your nearest branch during opening hours.
  • After hours: Please call 1300 731 144
Am I charged a surcharge for using contactless?

Some merchants are passing on a surcharge to consumers. They must disclose these charges at the terminal.