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step 1

What's your strategy?

Before you dive right in with your cheque-book at the ready, take the time to consider whether property is the right investment strategy for you. Weigh up the pros and cons of investment property ownership.

Sure, property provides you with a physical asset, can pay for itself through rent, and is able to provide tax benefits through gearing. At the same time, consider the risks involved, such as rental income not meeting your requirements, depreciation in value, and the length of time it can take to find tenants and sell-up.

step 2

Get the right loan

  1. See the lending experts

    It’s worth your while finding a lender with your best interests at heart. Greater Bank has a range of loans which will allow you to choose from principal and interest or interest only* repayment options.

    Home Loans

  2. Range of convenient features

    With a range of loan features that will help you maximise the potential in your property, including loan offset and deposit bonds, you’ll see why we’ve developed a reputation as experts when it comes to helping our customers buy property.

    Deposit Bonds

step 3

Find the right property

Once you’ve made the right choice for your finance, you can move on to the fun part – choosing your investment property. Keep in mind – you’re not buying for you, so you should try to adopt the mindset of your potential tenant.

Will you buy a house, unit, townhouse, retirement villa? Are you willing to buy cheap and renovate, or do you want the finished product? Consider things such as proximity to public transport, schools, shopping centres and major new developments, and keep in mind, if there are already multiple properties for rent nearby, competition will be higher.

step 4

Cover your asset

Once you’ve taken the plunge and secured the perfect place to suit your intended tenant, you should think about getting the right protection so your new asset remains just that.

Greater Bank has partnered with one of Australia’s leading insurers in Allianz to provide our customers with Landlord Insurance, which can be tailored to suit your needs and will provide peace of mind that both property and rental income are protected.

step 5

Rent it out

One more decision to make before you pop the champagne. In trying to find the perfect tenant, you have the option of renting your property privately or through an estate agent.

Renting privately means you have the chance to know your tenant, and collect 100% of the rent, but you’ll be forced to manage the property yourself. Going with an agent allows them to act as property manager but at a cost. Most estate agents charge around 10% of the rental income.

After you make your decision, all that’s left is for you to congratulate your new tenants and welcome them home.