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Emergency relief package

In response to the devastating bushfires throughout NSW and QLD, we’re offering a range of relief solutions for our customers in affected areas, effective immediately.

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Whether you’re just starting out, or approaching your golden handshake, superannuation is not something to be taken lightly. The super guarantee rate will gradually increase to 12 per cent by 2019, but it’s probably not a great idea to rely on this alone.

It is estimated you may need up to 60% of your pre-retirement salary in superannuation to enjoy the lifestyle you want after work, so educating yourself and making regular extra contributions is a safe bet.

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Investment Planning

If you’re in a position to do so, exploring extra investment opportunities beyond your Super can pay off. However, if you haven’t invested before, there’s no shame in asking for some advice.

Reaching out allows an expert to help you assess your short and long term goals, review your current financial situation and decide on the right investments to help you achieve your goals.

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If investing in stocks isn’t something you’ve ever considered, it may surprise you to know that almost half of the Australian population currently hold direct share investments. Shocked? You’re not alone.

The truth is, investing in shares is a safe, secure way to plan for your retirement, as long as you’re able to define a clear strategy and have the right guidance on when to buy, when to sell and what to avoid. Are you ready to start your portfolio?

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Centrelink Strategies

Regardless of how much you plan to have saved when you retire, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that you may be eligible for benefits through Centrelink now that you’re no longer working.

For whatever reason, many retirees fail to take full advantage of their government entitlements, to their financial detriment. Getting in touch with an expert can help you know where you stand as far as Centrelink is concerned.

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Term Investments

If you’re sitting on some money and are looking for a great value investment to help you plan for retirement, look no further than a Term Investment with Greater Bank.

With flexible terms to suit your needs, no monthly or account-keeping fees, a range of interest repayment options and the peace of mind of a Government Deposit guarantee*, a Greater Bank Term Investment may be perfect for you. You can even open an account online.

*Deposits with a combined total of up to $250,000 are covered by government guarantee.

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Financial Planning

If you’re considering how best to position yourself for a comfortable retirement, a little help can go a long way. 

  1. Find out more about Financial Planning

    Unless you’ve had a history of managing your own investments, working with a reputable, professional Financial Planner can help you reach your goals.

    Financial Planning

  2. Make an appointment

    Greater Bank has partnered with Bridges, a leader in Australian Financial Planning, to provide our customers with access to trusted advice when it matters most. Make an obligation-free appointment today to see a Financial Planner.

    Make a Financial Planning Enquiry

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Life Insurance

If you’ve got the foresight to prepare for your retirement, you need to make sure you get the right protection so your important assets are never put at risk.

You’ve worked hard to provide a comfortable lifestyle after work – organising Life Insurance will afford you the peace of mind you deserve.