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Great If:

You love to make purchases online from anywhere

You want the security offered by VISA's global network

Key Features:

Behind the scenes, Visa Secure is protecting your purchases
Offers a seamless shopping experience
Provides an extra layer of protection and the surety of VISA's global network

I want to

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What is Visa Secure?

Starting October 2019, the Verified by Visa name will change to Visa Secure. Visa has recently enhanced its security for online purchases making the experience more seamless and easy while protecting you from fraud.

During a purchase from a desktop, mobile or other digital device, you may be guided through an extra check to verify your identity. This will help us to ensure you’re you and better protects you from fraud. As a Greater Bank Visa cardholder, your online transactions are secured with Visa. Learn more about how it works at

How does Visa Secure work?

As a Greater Bank Visa Credit or Debit cardholder, you've been automatically enrolled in Visa Secure.

Visa Secure is an additional layer of security to further protect your online purchases with participating retailers.

In most instances this will be invisible to your shopping process but you have the certainty of knowing your online purchases couldn't be more secure.

If necessary, you might be asked to provide real-time verification on some transactions via a one-time SMS password.

Visa Secure - Frequently Asked Questions

How are my online purchases secured with Visa?

Visa has developed a program that helps you confirm your identity when you make an online purchase. There's no need to download anything, install software or register your account.

During an online purchase from your desktop, mobile or other digital device, you may be guided through an extra check to verify your identity. This helps us ensure you're you, and better protects you from fraud. This is one way Greater Bank and Visa have teamed up to secure your account(s).

What is the benefit for consumers?

Through this program, you have an added layer of protection that prevents the unauthorised use of your Visa card while shopping online. This service helps us know you're really you and most importantly, it protects you from fraud.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

Yes. Your information is transmitted using a high level of encryption and is stored on a secure server.

Does this Visa service cost me anything?

No. There are no costs associated with this service.

How will I know if my online purchase has this added layer of protection?

This service will automatically work at checkout at any of Visa's participating online merchants. Remember, there's no need to download anything, install software, or register for an account to get this added layer of protection. When using this service, you may occasionally be prompted at checkout to verify your identity, but this is to ensure you're you and protect you from fraud. 

Lastly, if you see the following Visa Secure badge on participating online merchants' websites this also indicates the use of this service.

Can I still use my Greater Bank card at online merchants that are not participating in this program?

Yes, your Greater Bank card will continue to work as usual if the merchant is not participating in this program. Your transaction will still be protected by multiple layers of security and zero liability for fraudulent purchases.

Can I use both debit and credit cards?

Yes! This service was designed for both Visa credit and debit cards when shopping online. When you use your Visa debit card, your online transaction experience will be similar to a credit transaction.

What happens when I finish shopping?

When you are finished shopping, proceed to the merchant's checkout page. As you complete the transaction, you may be prompted to verify your identity if additional authentication is required. It’s important to take special precautions when your card isn’t present. This extra verification step helps ensure the person using your card is you.

If I encounter this extra verification step, what will the extra check be?

Greater Bank has a number of tools that can help verify your identity such as a one-time passcode or biometrics. If you encounter this extra step, simply follow the instructions on your screen to verify your identity.

I see the Visa logo when I'm going through the extra check. What's this about?

If you do encounter this extra verification step, Visa helps transmit the information being shared between the merchant and us. The Visa logo is there to give you peace of mind that the transmission is secure.

VISA Offers

Lost or Stolen Card?

If your Greater Bank Visa Card is ever lost, stolen or damaged, it’s best to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

You can reach us during office hours and on Saturday mornings on 1300 651 400, after hours on 1300 731 144, or by visiting VISA GLOBAL ASSIST.

Why Greater Bank?

We don’t have shareholders – we have customers. And our customers are our number one priority – so much so that we design all our products and services with the objective of making banking simple. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.