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Celebrating 75 years with 75,000 trees

Why plant trees? Trees are growth, essential to all life on earth.

They give shelter, oxygen, filter the water we drink and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Tree planting is one of the simplest and most effective ways of tackling climate change. Just as importantly, this is about understanding change is coming and we are doing our bit in a real way. Like Greater Bank, trees are long-lasting.

Have a look at what we’ve been up to for the past 75 years: A little bit of history.

Find out where we'll be planting near you!

How to use our interactive planting map

Click on the map icons to check out our planting locations all across NSW. You can also switch to planting view by clicking the icon on the top right.

Be sure to click through to your local planting page from the map to find out even more about what we've got planned for your community.

Growing Greater Together

If you haven’t already heard, to celebrate our 75th anniversary, we’re planting 75,000 trees to help the communities we call home grow greater together. Being customer-owned, we’ve always focussed on how we can make life greater for the 270,000 Australians who bank with us while ensuring that we can make our local communities stronger by investing our profits in the things we all care deeply about.

Our commitment to environmental awareness hasn’t just begun in our 75th year. Over the last 5 years, one of the ways we’ve been reducing our environmental impact as an organisation is by encouraging customers to transition from traditional paper communications to paperless banking. Our hope, by doing this, was that we could reduce the amount of paper we use as a business, and thereby reduce our carbon footprint.

Since this initiative began, we’re proud to say we’ve completed the transition of over 387,000 customer accounts from paper delivery to online bank statements. This translates to a saving of over 11.6 million pieces of paper, or an equivalent of 144 mature full-grown trees.

Through asking our customers to commit to such a small change, we’ve achieved something extraordinary, and we’re not stopping here.
Find out more about our plan to plant 75,000 trees this year, and explore the impact these plantings will have on our environment.

The impact of 75,000 trees

Making a difference to our customers, our staff and the community is what drives us. This project will not only help our regions grow greater but will help make a difference for future generations.