Author: Gary Luck

Easing the cost of living

If you’re battling with rising living costs, Gary Luck, our Shellharbour Branch Manager, has some tips on how you may be able to get some relief. ...

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Author: DavidBryde

Rate of Origin - NSW vs Queensland

In the Queensland vs NSW Rate of Origin II, the Greater played hard, done good and put in a HUGE effort but the Maroons won the day. Rate of Origin ...

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Author: Nicky Davies

Saving for a rainy day

Our Burleigh Heads Branch Manager Nicky Davies has five tips for investing. 1. Don’t just look at Term Deposits If you are looking for higher ...

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Author: Karen Cane

How to save on bank fees

Our Branch Manager Toni Davis shares her tips on how to avoid paying bank fees so you can spend the money on things you enjoy. One of the ways banks ...

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Author: Kevin Buckley

Budgeting for two

Greater regional manager and finance guru for WHITE Magazine, Kevin Buckley, explains to newlyweds (and the rest of us for that matter) why it’s ...

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Author: Dave Tanchevski

Getting the right Car Loan

Our Hamilton Branch Manager and resident motoring expert, Dave Tanchevski, shares five tips on getting a car and a car loan that meets your financial ...

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