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Wedding budgeting done well

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Weddings are an exciting milestone in a person’s life, but they can also be expensive. Here’s our guide to pricing and paying for your wedding, including advice on how to plan a wedding on a small budget.

Wedding Budgeting

The first thing you need to do when budgeting for your wedding is working out what kind of wedding you really want to have. It’s going to be different for different couples. But if you work out a rough maximum budget, you can start to factor in costs one by one. It’s a good idea to start with the large fixed costs first so that you can move some of the other costs around a bit to make things work. For example, it’s relatively easy to work out the fixed cost of a wedding venue (which is probably going to be a pretty big percentage of your budget), and once that’s been decided you can be more flexible on things like food, drinks, or flowers.

Greater Bank offers both secured and unsecured loans with competitive interest rates and no monthly fees to help you cover the cost of your wedding and Greater Bank loans can be approved in just 24 hours. If you have the budget worked out before you apply, you’ll have a better understanding of how much you’ll need to borrow for your special day.

Wedding Cost Breakdown

It’s useful to break the cost of the wedding down piece by piece, particularly so that you can work out your own priorities. Here is a wedding budget checklist for all your wedding costs, including some wedding ideas on a budget:

Food and drinks

Food and drinks can be really expensive at weddings. The best way to cut down on food and drinks prices is to tighten up the guest list. It can be hard to work out who’s in and who’s out, but keeping the guest list down will save you hundreds if not thousands on food and drink. Another good idea is to supply drinks and alcohol yourself if your venue allows it, avoiding the mark-up that caterers and venues will put on each drink.


There’s a really big range in music prices - from a top-quality live band to a good DJ with their own equipment, down to a family friend performing on a favour. A good idea is to contact the local university to see if any young musical acts want to get some stage time at a low rate.


Your own preferences will dictate this one. Flowers can really bloat your budget or they can have a minimal impact. A traditional flower and decor package for a wedding can end up costing multiple thousands of dollars for a large venue. You can have smaller venues, weddings without flowers, or keep the flowers to a minimum - just for the important areas. | Greater Bank

Weddings- How to keep yours under control and under budget


Like a reception venue, ceremonies can come with a fixed price. If you want to keep things traditional and get married in a church, find out upfront what this will cost you – some churches only ask a donation, while others might end up putting a dent in your budget. If religion is less important for you, think about having your wedding ceremony outside or at home. If you have the ceremony in a public place, you may need to pay for a permit from your local council.


A good-sized classic wedding cake could set you back $500 plus. If this is a bit too much to stomach, you can always go small and symbolic.

Dresses, suits and shoes

There’s huge variation here. You can expect to pay upwards of $2,000 for a custom wedding dress, or half that for an off-the-rack dress. Suits go from a couple hundred up to more than $5,000 apiece for high-end attire. You can always hire and get the guys to bring their own black shoes. Haircuts, manicures, pedicures and cosmetics can become expensive, but you might be able to cut costs by getting a group deal for your bridal party or getting a friend to help out.

Reception venue

This can be a big cost - probably up to 20% of your total wedding costs. A large, high-end venue can cost in excess of $10,000 for the day, but you could get food and drinks deal at a nice restaurant for much less.

Professional photos and video

If photos and video are important to you, you’re looking at a few thousand dollars or more for the day. There are obvious ways to cut down - like enlisting the artsy cousin and going halves on his or her new camera.

Surplus funds

It’s also a good idea to keep a surplus or emergency fund in your budget to pay for last-minute blowouts. If you don’t use it, you can always put it towards the honeymoon.

Wedding Loan

Having a wedding doesn’t need to be stressful if you budget well. With a Greater Bank Personal Loan you can ensure you have the wedding you really want. What’s really good about Greater Bank Personal Loans is that you can make additional repayments whenever you want with no penalty fees, so if you’re in a position to pay off your loan earlier than expected, all the better for you.