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Author: Greater Bank

How Greater Bank is helping you travel in 2019

Got your itinerary planned for the holiday of a lifetime in 2019? Here's how we can help make it happen!
Our travel services

Be prepared for your next overseas adventure by knowing what travel products and services you have access to as a Greater Bank customer.

Travel insurance arranged by Greater Bank

If you’ve just booked your trip and are searching for competitive and reliable travel insurance, then look no further. Greater Bank can arrange travel insurance through Allianz for both the frequent and infrequent traveller. Whether you’re a globetrotting nomad or an Aussie wanderer we can arrange travel insurance to suit you.

4 different levels of cover are available:

  • Comprehensive Plan: The highest level of cover for those travelling internationally
  • Domestic plan: For those exploring the vast land within our shores
  • Essentials Plan: For a lower-cost option, this provides basic cover for your next international romp
  • Multi-Trip Plan: This covers multiple trips you may take within the space of 12 months

Key features for all our travel insurance plans include:

  • The ability to cover accompanying dependants under 25*
  • Cover in case your travel is delayed, cancelled or rescheduled*
  • Cover for additional travel/accommodation expenses incurred during your journey due to sickness or injury*
  • Rental vehicle excess cover*
  • Personal liability cover*

For more information about our travel insurance, you can find out more here.

Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard through Greater Bank

If you’re searching for a travel card that is accepted at ATMs around the world and allows you to lock in exchange rates, then check out the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard.

If you want a cashless trip, Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard offers security, tracking and convenience. You can use your card online, in-store or at ATMs to withdraw foreign cash. Load funds on to your card, (up to 11 different currencies), transfer between currencies or manage your balances online via Myaccount at the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard website - our friendly staff can assist you in registering for Myaccount when purchasing your card.

Having Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard on hand gives you the comfort of access to emergency cash - even if you misplace your card, support is on hand to find you a replacement or organise cash. With 24/7 global assistance, help is just a call away, whenever and wherever you are.

Greater Bank Visa Credit Card

You can also travel worry-free, with a Greater Bank Visa Credit card, accepted worldwide. Your Greater Bank Visa Credit Card is protected against unauthorised use with Visa’s Zero Liability policy1, plus if it’ ever lost or stolen, we’ll replace it whenever you are. You can manage your money on the go using the same banking app you use at home - how simple! | Greater Bank

Foreign Cash through Greater Bank

Although travelling cashless would be convenient, it’s recommended you have at least a bit of foreign cash on you as a safety net. Greater Bank is able to arrange a wide range of over 50 foreign currencies at a competitive exchange rates and in small, medium or large denominations.

Avoid risking stepping off the plane and having to withdraw cash from the airport’s ATMs with their sky-high fees. Be prepared with Foreign Cash you’ve already purchased through Online Banking, (Products and Offers Menu), or at any Greater Bank branch and pick it up within a few days. Avoid the hassle and make sure you have cash for taxis, meals, tipping and anywhere that doesn’t accept cards. After your trip, drop in and see us to exchange any unused cash back into AUD.

So, before you travel abroad or pay a large bill from overseas, consider our products and services for international travel and payments. We at Greater Bank want our customers to manage their finances safely, responsibly and confidently both at home and abroad. If you need any assistance navigating your way through our products and services, please contact us today.

* This is a summary only of the cover provided under the policy. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Sub-limits apply to particular types of losses and claims. ~ Where used, the term 'Unlimited' only means there is no capped dollar sum insured. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply as set out in the PDS. All costs and expenses claimed must be reasonable. We will only pay for treatment received and/or hospital accommodation during the 12 month period after the sickness first showed itself or the injury happened. You do not have cover under certain sections while travelling within Australia.Travel insurance is arranged by Greater Bank Limited ABN 88 087 651 956 AFSL 237476 (Greater Bank). This insurance is issued and managed by AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 AFSL 245631 trading as Allianz Global Assistance for the insurer Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 AFSL 234708. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Allianz and/or Allianz Global Assistance do not provide any advice on this insurance based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Where any advice is provided by Greater Bank or its representatives, it is provided on behalf of Greater Bank and not on behalf of the insurer Allianz or its agent Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz and/or Allianz Global Assistance are not responsible for any such advice. Before making a decision please consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). If you purchase a policy, we receive a commission which is a percentage of your premium - ask us for more details before we provide you with any services on this product. Click to view our Financial Services Guide. 1Visa’s Zero Liability policy covers Australian and New Zealand-issued cards and does not apply to ATM transactions, transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholders should notify their card-issuer promptly of any unauthorised Visa use. . Visa Zero Liability are trademarked and owned by Visa International Service Association.