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Author: Greater Bank

Waste not, want not! Keep a Christmas Budget this year

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To some it’s the most important part of Christmas, whether you love giving or receiving gifts, it tends to take up a big part of how you spend your time and budget over the holiday season. With research showing 7 in 10 Australians will be disappointed once unwrapping their gifts, it is important to invest time and energy when selecting the right present.

So, if you’re wishing to cut down on waste from unwanted gifts, then check out our top 3 fun, eco-friendly and affordable Christmas gift ideas for 2018:

1. Unwrapped

Get a Christmas card for your special someone that does some good in the world. Oxfam have produced a series of pun-tastic cards for different occasions that explain to the receiver the value their card has given to others. Let’s not forget, Christmas is a time to give and think of others, so rather than buying your sibling an ugly hat, why not let your $10 give the gift of a chicken to a family in Vanuatu who need it?

2. Ungifted

Battle climate change and give your special someone a gift they’re unlikely to forget. Ungifted is an initiative that was launched by Do the Green Thing back in 2017. The idea was to give your loved ones an experience rather than giving someone the waste and expense of an unwanted gift. Examples of experiences you could gift include, ‘1 hour complaining about work over coffee and cake’, ‘dibs on the remote control for a whole month,’ and ‘sitting through an entire chick-flick together’. It’s easy to send your special someone a tailored Ungifted experience, just follow the prompts and fill in a form here and give them a gift where the thought really does count.

3. Latest e-Gift cards

Eco-friendly e-Gift Cards offer no waste and are easy to purchase. So, why not cover your friend’s Netflix subscription for the next month or two with a $20 e-Gift Card? Or if they are a gamer how about Humble Bundle? Humble Bundle is an awesome platform that sells games, ebooks and software, all while supporting charity.

Ho ho host Christmas this year!

If you’re hosting the celebrations this year, then consider our top 2 tips to keeping costs within a reasonable price bracket:

Invite guests to each contribute a plate of food to the Christmas feast. Aligning with the spirit of Christmas, this allows guests the opportunity to give and share their favourite Christmas dishes. An Australian classic, this option also takes pressure off the host, as guests with any personal preferences or dietary requirements can ensure their ideal Christmas dish is on hand. | Greater Bank

  • DIY decorations: Put time aside to create your own homemade decorations. This is an affordable option that also adds a personal touch. Whether it’s using empty glasses as candle holders or creating bunting from old hessian sacks, there are a variety of Christmas DIY decorations you can make on a budget. For more inspiration we recommend browsing Pinterest.

Tis the season to budget

If you’re ready to make early preparations for Christmas, consider opening a dedicated savings account to set aside an amount each month ready for festive celebrations. At Greater Bank, we offer a range of High Interest Savings Accounts to help you plan for this time of year. Not only can you put money aside, but you can earn interest on your savings too.

Follow any or all of these simple suggestions to help you celebrate a brilliant Christmas without breaking the bank this year. If you have any money-saving Christmas tips we’ve not mentioned, feel free to share them with us below!