Author: Jason Byrne

Creating a seamless Online Banking experience on any device

We're not done yet! Learn more about our latest Online Banking updates and see how we're making banking easier for our customers.
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In order to keep up with changing customer behaviours and a push towards mobile use, Online Channel Manager Jason Byrne explains how Greater Bank are continually working to provide an online banking experience that delivers on any device.

The online banking landscape continues to change at an exponential rate, with more and more customers adopting a ‘mobile-first’ mentality, with a willingness to do more and more financial tasks using their smartphone.

Combine this with the fact that, as customers, we’re becoming less likely to show patience with online brands that don’t deliver, and you get an idea of the two competing ideologies that all financial institutions are trying to contend with.

Listening to our customers

At Greater Bank, we’re always hard at work trying to improve our Internet & Mobile Banking experience, as well as our Mobile App for customers. Where we differ from some financial brands is, we prioritise our development based on direct customer feedback. We make changes only if and when our customers want them.

Giving you back more screen real-estate

After consulting with customers, we’ve made some slight changes to the navigation menu within Mobile Banking and the App. We’ve combined our ‘Scheduled Payments’, ‘Services’ and ‘Settings’ menus under one simple tab titled ‘More’.

The condensed menu gives you back more screen real-estate, allowing a more comprehensive view of your accounts, while still keeping the functions you use most at the forefront.

Doing more banking on your mobile

With our newest release, we’ve made it even easier to do more banking on your smartphone. From today, you can now:

  • Open Savings Accounts
  • Open Everyday Banking Accounts
  • Apply for a Greater Bank Personal Loan or Credit Card
  • Kick-start a Greater Bank Home Loan application

This functionality was previously only available via Internet Banking, meaning customers often had to hold off on accessing the right product for them until they had access to a desktop, or had to navigate an Internet Banking platform not designed for mobile use (hardly the best experience).

The power to access the banking products you need to reach your goals in life are now literally in your hands (or more likely, in your back pocket).

It’s an exciting time to be at Greater Bank, and we’re committed to providing the best online banking experience possible to our customers via direct consultation.